How can I know the service provider from the IMEI number?

You can't tell from the IMEI.

Here's a nice process of elimination... Is there a slot for a SIM card in the back? If the answer is yes its GSM and likely Cingular or T-Mobile, if the What is enterprise search? answer is no the its CDMA with Verizon or Sprint.

Another good way to find out is to find a match for the same model and color. Most companies like to have something distinctive about their phone that differentiates it from the competitors. Cingulars might be blue, T-Mobile's might be white. Look up your phone model on ebay and see if you can find some that match or don't. Cingular and T-mobile hate to offer the same phones in the same color so if its GSM that's a good way to figure out which.

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