Mobile connectivity creates personal data management concerns for families

The AshleyMadison hack is the most recent and widely published breach of cyber security that casts a long shadow of security concern for every individual that relies upon internet connectivity for daily life. Whatever your sentiments about this web-enabled service dedicated to helping people to cheat on their spouses, the malicious exposure AshleyMadisons clients experienced from the hacker vigilantes nevertheless reveals a very real threat for personal data security and privacy in general.

Last Monday, in an interview with Nat Maple, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Consumer Sales at Acronis, he talked about the fact that personal data management and security is a growing concern for the modern family who is capturing and storing much of lifes experiences in the cyber realm. He points to a recent Google survey commissioned on data backup behavior. People indicated that they are using five or more devices and that the pictures and videos are the most valuable content that cannot be replaced if it were lost or stolen, he said.

According to Maple, the back up process can be complicated especially with the volumes of personal data families are creating and storing. Most people dont take data backup seriously until they lose it, he said, And then it is very difficult to get it back.

Maples tips for parents:

Consider that the apps you rely upon every day, like Gmail and other social media apps including Facebook, Instagram, do not guarantee backup support. These companies offer cloud services to make it easy to share, but they are not in business to help you recover what might be lost or stolen, including important documents located on other devices.Take control of the things that you can. Look for a good back up service for all of the devices your family uses. Acronis has been in business for 12 years and has a family solution that Master Data Management makes it easy to back up all of the devices, content and the apps. There are other family back up data services you can investigate. "Google" it or ask your local computer pros for guidance.


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